When your life privilege is taking people fishing on the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean you gain opportunities and experiences when making new friends

Such was the occasion in meeting HJ Swenden and his wife Becca.

While cleaning the boat at the West Mooring Basin in Astoria a young couple approached me about what was going fishing and why all the activity on the dock.

I explained to them they were at the beginning of the Buoy 10 season. It was still early as this was late July and the lower Columbia was still closed but the ocean was open.

When asked, they said they were from Garden City, Kansas attending a wedding in Vancouver, Washington and needed a break from the family, never seeing this area and so much water.

I asked them what they were doing for the next hour and their response was killing time.

I couldn’t resist and said, “Dorothy can’t come all the way from Kansas and not go for a boat ride.”

So, off we went for a cruise upriver around the ships, anchored in preparation for loading grain in Portland, giving them a ride of a lifetime.

During our trip HJ disclosed that he was a hunting guide in Kansas for pheasant…

Bingo!!, my second greatest passion in sporting activities.

After negotiations, the next day HJ and his father- in -law went fishing in the Ocean having an excellent day on the water catching all their fish and my two flatlanders from Kansas didn’t even get sick. Amazing.

Early this December I flew back to Denver and after a 5-hour drive, my brother Bryce and I arrived in Garden City.

HJ treated us to two very fine days hunting wild birds at his business of Riverside Ranch Outfitters.

Their daily plan, associate guides, and dogs were great and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to hunt wild pheasant.

Taking the time was for me an experience of a lifetime hunting and gaining newfound friends.  I am looking forward to their return to Astoria in August of 2018.