Some parts of the year are better for fishing in Portland than others. Here’s a guide on when to go. Make sure and leave a little time for the coffee shops.

Fishing is one of the most relaxing recreation activity you can do. Plus, it’s easy to plan a quick weekend trip. The best part is hearing the scream of the reel as a king salmon takes the bait and runs full out. The fight is on! Your challenge is to reel them in. For the fishermen who want to know when’s the best time to go fishing in Portland, here’s some help!

Know the Types

Did you know that there are about 32,000 species of fish in the US? That means you need to what fish are biting during each season.

Chinook, king, and coho, also called the silver salmon, are plentiful in the spring, summer, and fall on the Columbia River. For sturgeon, the best keep and catch times are in May and September.

Throughout the entire month of March, expect to find steelhead biting on the Willamette River. When the November weather comes through, expect to be fishing for the panfish and rockfish.

Catch and release fishing is available throughout the entire season, depending on the species of salmon and sturgeon you’re fishing for. Catch and keep fishing may have more restrictions, especially for sturgeon. For specifics, consult your guide for more details! We know the regulations as well as where the fish are biting.

Fall Fishing is Hot

When the kids go back to school, it’s a great time to plan a fishing trip with the guys. The fall chinook and silver salmon are biting thru September and as late as the first week in October.

The hottest spots to catch this fish is right in Portland, Astoria, and Tillamook on Garibaldi Bay. What a perfect way to spend day on the water.

Spring Fishing Opportunities

Some of the best fishing is in the spring. From March thru May, the spring chinook salmon is what every fisherman is looking for.

The best location to find this fish is in the Bonneville Dam and Scappoose areas on the Columbia River. Be aware that The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife does shutdown fishing around April 10th in the Columbia River to allow the fish run passage over the dams. Once 50% of the quota has passed, the Department opens the river back up. In the past, the river opens up around June 15th for salmon fishing.

Enjoy the Summer

Summer vacation is upon you and what better way to celebrate then planning a trip with the family? From May thru June, the spring chinook is running through the Willamette River.

With the early run of the Columbia River over, fisherman await the next run of fish called the “June Hogs” or early summer salmon.

From May thru September, salmon as well as a variety of rockfish await. Fishermen can expect to find them from Garibaldi to the mouth of the Columbia River and up through Portland, Oregon. These are the fish you’ll want to be catching because the meat is perfect for fish and chips, fish tacos, or just to throw on the grill.

What a better way to end the summer then by having a good old-fashioned fish fry?

How We Can Help

Book a guided fishing trip with our team and enjoy a great day on the water. Contact us today and we’ll get you hooked up right away.