Whether you’re a novice or a very experienced fisherman, a guide will help you capitalize on your salmon fishing trip. Here’s how a guide can help you.

There’s nothing more frustrating than enduring a long trip to the wilderness for salmon season, but returning without catching a thing.

Hiring a salmon fishing guide will maximize your fishing success and make the salmon fishing trip more enjoyable.

Our guides have fished in the local waters of the Columbia River for years. There’s no one better to talk to about your fishing expedition.

Here’s how a guide can make a difference to your trip.

New? Call a Guide for Your Fishing Trip

If you’re new to fishing, welcome!

Fishing Guides will be happy to walk you through everything. No worries if you don’t know how to thread a fishing pole.

We’ll take all the work out of the trip, show you how to cast the line and cheer you on while you’re reeling in your first catch.

There’s not much that brings a fishing guide more satisfaction than seeing a first-timer haul in their first beautiful fish.

Fishing with a guide rather than trying to tackle the challenge alone will make your trip a lot easier. And a lot more fun.

Experienced? Your Guide Makes It Easy!

If you’re an old hand with a fishing rod, you can still benefit from the help of a fishing guide.

Your fishing guide will supply all the equipment, sort out the boat and prepare the tackle for your trip. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

We’ve fished our local waters in the Columbia River for years. We stay on top of water conditions, and know the hot spots where the fish like to hang out throughout the day.

Our key goal is to make your fishing trip as easy as possible. So if there’s anything more we can do, just ask.

Making the Most of Your Time With a Guide

Help the fishing guide help you by telling them about your previous fishing experience, and whether you’ve gone after this type of fish before.

Giving some basic information about your experience means the guide can better cater the experience to your needs.

We are here to make your life easy. We’ll supply the boat, the tackle, and the know-how to help make your experience a great day on the water.

Finally, enjoy your day out. We want you to catch fish, and there’s nothing like having a wild salmon take your bait and run with the line as you battle to reel it in.

So keep that smile on your face. It’s what fishing is all about.

Becoming an Expert Salmon Fisher

We hope that you find a helpful guide who makes your fishing trip an absolute blast.

To increase your chances of a great haul even further, check out our top tips to help you prepare for your salmon fishing trip.

If you’re hunting for a guide, why not book one of ours? We can’t wait to show you around the waters of Portland, Astoria, and Garibaldi.

Our service can even provide you with a fishing guide who’s an expert in the specific type of fishing you want to do.

Whether that be steelhead, salmon, sturgeon – or even bottom-fishing for rockfish, lingcod and even crab – we’ve got experts on hand.