One of the most trying times when trying to build a business is deciding on a boat wrap that helps identify you with the salmon fishing industry. That being said it does tend to target you when someone has a complaint.

Going forward I spent many days trying to come up with something creative and being inept about graphic design I needed help and I wanted something different.

Working with a number of different designers I had a rough idea of which direction I wanted to go but they all seemed to give me some bland generic design with no flair or detail I wanted to have.

Until I met Austin at PDX Wraps in Sherwood Oregon.

PDX Wraps logo

These guys were great. I had my rough sketch and Austin allowed me to sit down with his head designer Chris and by the end of the next two hours we had a 90% rendition of the layout. Chris wanted a couple more days to think about it and when he showed me the end product they overachieved themselves.

PDX Wraps did one thing better than the others, “ They listened” during the design phase I wanted a Spring Chinook Salmon to showcase the logo with a detailed bottom terrain looking like the lower Columbia River and this is what I got. Perfect.

Boat with wrap

PDX Wraps is located at 13565Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. Suite 400 Sherwood, halfway between the towns of Sherwood and Tualatin.  They have just moved into a new facility that holds numerous cars and up to a 45 ft. semi-tractor trailer.

Their larger clients are about cars but, they do boats and I tend to think that wrap is a more challenging design.

They have a great team to work with and are creative with their designs.  Their creativity and thought process will give you the best available product.

Thank you, Austin and PDX Wrap staff.