Sure, there are many rivers to consider when choosing where to take your annual fishing trip. However, nothing beats the Columbia River. Here’s why.

Are you a fisherman? If you so, you know for yourself it is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. Over 45 million Americans reported having gone on at least one trip in their life.

Rivers are a common spot to flock to for all kinds of fishing, but choosing one to visit can be challenging.

Regardless of whether or not you are prepping for your first fishing trip, or you are a seasoned pro with the fish, the Columbia River has something for you.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading for four reasons the Columbia River belongs on your bucket list of the best places to fish in the Northwest.

1. Salmon

Many fishermen travel to various locations to seek out the best salmon. There is a reason so many flock to Portland.

Chinook salmon is the biggest Pacific salmon type. They can weigh upwards of 30 or even sometimes 40 pounds! It’s one of the reasons that they are also called ‘King Salmon.’

During the spring, the population of Chinook salmon is high so if you are eager to catch some, definitely start planning your visit to the Columbia River.

The good news is that even though it is such a popular destination, it is vast enough to ensure there is room for everyone. The key is to know where on the Columbia the fish are biting.

2. Taste

The salmon that are plentiful in the Columbia River are also top-notch flavor bombs. The fish caught here are reported to have incredibly juicy meat and be rich in healthy oils and fats.

If you have luck on the water, you can cook up one of the freshest and tastiest meals your family will ever have.

3. Sturgeon

Another reason you want to fish on the Columbia is for sturgeon. All the sturgeon in the Columbia River are white sturgeon.

These large fish feed on the bottom of the river so when fishing for them, you must be adept at bottom-fishing techniques.

During peak season, April through September, you have a high chance of catching sturgeon that weigh up to 100 pounds!

Taking a guided fishing trip to seek out sturgeon will lead to a great experience for you, your family or others you bring with you. Nothing quite compares to the thrill of hauling in one of these large fish.

4. Diversity

One final benefit to visiting this river is the immense diversity. We already mentioned salmon and sturgeon, but the list doesn’t stop there!

You can also find steelhead or rainbow trout. Don’t forget you can find different types of salmon depending on the current season.

In addition to fish variety, you can also choose where you want to fish from. We offer guided fishing trips out of Portland, Astoria, and Tillamook on Garibaldi Bay.

Depending on the season, each of these fisheries offers an unforgettable experience fishing for the best fish in the Pacific Northwest.

The Columbia River is Waiting for You

As you can see, you won’t be disappointed by visiting this river for your next fishing trip. Even if you aren’t an avid fisher, you will be sure to have a great time.

Ready to get started planning your next fishing trip? If you are ready to book a trip today, please contact us and make it a great day on the water!