Chinook and Coho Salmon Fishing Guide

The Columbia River, Willamette River, and the Oregon coast are world-class fisheries for King, Silver, Chinook and Coho salmon. Second only to some Alaskan rivers, King and Chinook salmon can weigh over 60 pounds, with Silver and Coho salmon of up to 25 pounds.

Spring Chinook Salmon on Columbia River

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

Spring Chinook salmon are the most sought-after salmon species bar none. This fish has the most oil-flavored omega-3 fat meat of any salmon. These fish arrive in mid-March and traveling over 800 miles to spawn in late fall. Once you catch one of these fish and barbecue with your closest friends, you’ll understand why it’s worth the wait. This salmon is the finest tasting on the entire West Coast, and its available six months out of the year from Oregon waters.

The Columbia and Willamette rivers come together at Portland joining Oregon’s two largest spring salmon runs in the state’s largest city.  The river narrows giving us the best opportunity in catching and for those out of towner’s easy access to fishing along with enjoying the Portland fine dining and in the brewery capital of the world.


Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing

Starting in later July in the Pacific Ocean we are able to go after these fish before the Buoy 10 season officially opens up August 1st on the Columbia River out of Astoria. As the season progresses we follow the fish migration up river for over a 140 miles thru Portland finishing up to just below Bonneville Dam in September.  After the Columbia season closes we turn our attention to Tillamook Bay out of Garibaldi, Oregon.  These coastal fall salmon tend to be larger in strain and in shallower water.

Fall Chinook Salmon Columbia River
Silver salmon catch

Coho Salmon or Silver Salmon Fishing

With its bright orange-red flesh, firm texture and delicate flavor, many consider Coho the best grilling and tasting fish. They are the second largest of the salmon species and aggressive rockets slashing at the bait and truly acrobatic out of the water after getting hooked up.

Coho or commonly known as Silver Salmon school up early near the mouth of the Columbia River in early July. They give us an early fishery while waiting for the Chinook to come down from the north  awaiting for the Buoy 10 season to open. There abundance allows for two per person. This is the perfect opportunity to get into a combo trip with bottom fishing or catch and release sturgeon fishing depending on the tides.  There two runs of silver coming into the Columbia River the early in July and what is known as the “B run” in late August that can run as late as early October.


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