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Your guided fishing trip begins when we meet at our launch site, which will vary depending upon the trip you select. If you’re from out of town, flying into Portland International Airport is easy, with several trips possible near Portland. Other trips to fishing spots such as Astoria or Garibaldi may require a drive for you to meet at the launch. We will provide you with driving directions and instructions to meet at the marina where the boat is moored. At that time you are prepared to embark on a trip in the hands of your fishing guide.

First, after introductions of the captain and guests, we go through safety orientation on first aid, life vests, radio, and fire. We want everyone to be safe while on the water. Your personal gear is secured or stored.

Second, we check your fishing license and your weather gear. After everyone is prepared, we carry your gear onboard. Mother Nature can have a sense of humor and what you see is not necessarily what you get. There is nothing more miserable than thinking about how uncomfortable you are. Having rain gear is very important.

Third, I explain the procedures of how to store and handle your fishing gear which is provided for you. This attention to detail will give you the rewards in catching fish because if your gear is not in the water you are not fishing.

And fourth, relax and enjoy the day! Let me take you on an adventure that will create memories for a lifetime

During the day I will explain the techniques of  fishing and why each is important. Knowledge is key in understanding how the fish react to river or ocean conditions and weather. You will be able to watch on a chartplotter screen the same as I where an additional screen is mounted  for you on the center console.

On our full-day trips, we try to keep in mind women may be onboard and lavatory time may be necessary with a short trip to the beach. I do carry a port-a-potty on board for those that are resilient and discretion is a must from the other clients.

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