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Alumaweld, one of the finest made aluminum hulled boats. These boats are made at their manufacturing plant in Medford, Oregon. This hull design was built for the guide giving you the maximum in safety and comfort when dealing with the waters of the Northwest.

This hull was taken from their original 26 ft. Formula Vee design and converted to a 6 person guides model boat with a captain’s chair for each passenger. Forward storage has all the lifesaving equipment and other fishing tackle required in fishing the many different varieties here in the Pacific Northwest. Rod lockers are built into the side rails and are out of sight and out of the way.

The stern of the boat is the captain’s world having all the fishing gear necessary including Garmin Chart plotters and Garmin radios with the new AIS system showing you the locations of other commercial boats located real time giving you their direction and speed.  The steering controls, net and fish locker are also at the stern. These features allow you the client to have the freedom of clear passageways and non-disruptive fishing time except when there is a fish on.

Alumawelds’ hull design is unique; their 34” sides are the tallest of all the manufactured guides’ boat with the high rake of the bow providing you with maximum protection from water spray and comfort. This boat has an 18-degree hull from bow to stern allowing for a softer ride through rough water and better stability working in the ocean swells.

Alumawelds’ captain’s chair gives you the customer a softer ride by having rocking springs or mechanical suspension under each chair. All these chairs swivel allowing you to face forward or to face each other when conversing with other passengers.

We do not have a bathroom on board but we take very seriously those needs taking time during the day for a beach time out. But, we do carry onboard a porta- potty and if necessary discretion is of utmost importance.

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