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Rob Bignall, Salmon and Sturgeon Fishing Guide

Rob Bignall
Rob BignallFishing Guide
“It’s my goal to provide you with a memorable experience on the water. The Columbia, Willamette and Garibaldi fisheries are world-class. Call me to schedule your guided fishing trip — and let’s make it a great day on the water!”
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My Passion: Fishing salmon, sturgeon and steelhead

Fishing used to be my free-time passion and when I was done with my construction career it became natural that I found my way to becoming a fishing guide.  Being involved with Northwest Guides Association and groups including the Northwest Sports Industry Association, I can give back to the passion of fishing supported by the different Departments of Fish and Wildlife of Oregon and Washington.

Fishing is a sport that everyone should experience. The time-shared bond of family and friends while getting to know each other within these elements can create a lifelong experience. Our children are the future of this industry and given the opportunity they can create a vision for their future.

A bit about me

I grew up in the small town of Sandy, Oregon.  My parents were very supportive of my early life and filled my vision of dreams and adventures. My high school life included sports of baseball and swimming so off I went to the University of Oregon in search of a college degree.

After two years and bored I found my way to a company called Oceaneering International training in commercial diving as the new era began with offshore drilling requiring personnel to work sub-surface at the bottom of the ocean.

I then found my way to Alaska and working with the company on the oil platforms off Kenai in the Cook Inlet and the Shelikof Straits near Kodiak Island. During this time the Alyeska Pipeline started and I was at many of the camp construction projects supporting the oil pipeline construction. Also, in my off time, they sent me to the Gulf of Mexico, the west coast of California and New Zealand supporting oil platform construction.

I became a member of the Piledrivers Union local 2520 that had jurisdiction over many of the projects that I was involved in. This union is tied to construction diving, bridge, dock and wharf building. It also has the workforce for driving piling supporting bridges, buildings, and other foundations.

After 10 years I returned to the Lower 48 I found myself enjoying bridge and road construction supervising concrete construction projects including the I-205 Glen Jackson Bridge then onto SR-182 both spanning the Columbia River.

But, Alaska called again and back I went to the oilfield tending a semi-submersible drill platform call SEDCO 712 in the Shelikof Straits in December off Kodiak Island. Standard Oils problem required me and my diving partner to descend to a depth of 610 ft. in bell saturation to retrieve the BOP stack foundation.

Back to State of Washington, I started construction of a floating pontoon for the Vashon ferry system until my next calling to Alaska when the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound.

Back to Oregon working in management for bridge and road construction, I finish my career with 39 years accumulated working in the trades.

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